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Ottawa Corporate Wellness



Our Corporate wellness programs, is designed to help the employer establish a work environment that promotes employee's holistic well-being by offering support and services which create creating an overall culture of health and well-being.


Corporate wellness is in demand and continually growing as employers become more aware of the importance and benefits of supporting their employees overall physical and mental health.

Starr Wellness offers different packages that can meet these needs through coming to your environment and offering PEMF, Neurofeedback sessions as well as psychoeducation and support around mental health and how this can affect not only the employees but those they care for.  There is also the possibility of offering financial wellness in the form of a candid discussion with a knowledgeable person who can offer education around finances and how this can affect one’s stress and mental health as well as their physical well-being.

Contact us for a customized corporate wellness event, session, or plan.

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