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NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is a training for your brain, not a treatment.  It targets and trains the entire nervous system in order to optimize its efficiency.  As a result, it can help with all aspects of one’s life.

Neurofeedback works as a reward-based training system for your brain. EEG sensors monitor your brainwaves, and a computer sends feedback back to you. The feedback comes in video and audio format, only running smoothly when your brain is also running smoothly so over time your brain may learn from this feedback, which can promote lasting structural changes within your brain.


  • For those dealing with Traumatic Brain Injuries/ Post-Concussion, Neurofeedback has been used to help!

  • Neurofeedback may increase neural plasticity, which helps the central nervous system better cope with stress. Additionally, it can help with anti-aging and brain fitness.

  • Neurofeedback has been used by elite high performers as it may help achieve peak performance. Neurofeedback aids focus. And focus is essential for athletes!

  • As written in an article by Alex Theoret:

  • “… brain training seems to be the worst kept secret in professional and Olympic sports. Star athletes from the NBA, NFL, LPGA – even pro rugby players – have turned to neurofeedback for that mental advantage that can catapult them above and beyond the competition. And this makes sense, given what we already know about neurofeedback.”


Because everyone is unique, so is the number of sessions they will need, however just as a single gym session will not yield the optimal results, it is suggested that, to see the best results, you start with a  minimum of 10 sessions.

$70+hst / session