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PEMF Therapy


In pulsed electromagnetic field  therapy, low frequency waves are passed through the body. These waves pass through tissue, organs and bones without being absorbed or altered, but having passed through the body, they stimulate the electrical and chemical processes of the body.  Because the faulty metabolism of an impaired cell is caused by the disruption of its electromagnetic energy, PEMF therapy works by replenishing that energy. If the energy is not replenished, the cell continues to malfunction and deteriorate, and eventually die. Injured, unhealthy cells can cause multiple problems in the body, and disease conditions.


PEMF therapy can be used at a very basic level to simply improve overall health. Used as a proactive practice, it can bring about increased tissue oxygenation, enhanced metabolism, and better transportation of nutrients. It also increases the efficiency of waste disposal at the cellular level paving the way for improved tissue regeneration. PEMF therapy allows the body’s natural defense systems to perform at their uppermost capacity.


The healing power of PEMF therapy is well documented, and in use around the world. From growing bone tissue to treating depression to treating brain cancer, the results are remarkable. New uses for PEMF treatment are being tested in medical laboratories in major universities and hospitals, and studies continue to show the bright promise of this powerful therapy for the future.


PEMF therapy can be used to assist with the majority of conditions. In fact, clinical studies have demonstrated that PEMFs are capable of:

  • Increasing circulation

  • Decreasing inflammation

  • Accelerating bone healing

  • Enhancing muscle function

  • Reducing the effects of stress

  • Improving blood oxygenation, and much more


Individual 30 minute sessions: $35+hst

Package of 3 x 30 minute sessions: $100+hst