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A commitment-free 1-on-1 discussion with Sandra for those who may be unsure where to start, or which service would provide the most benefit.

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NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is an advanced, technology-based, brain training program. The program was designed and created to promote peak performance as well as optimize.  Who can benefit form NeurOptimal Neurofeedback? Everyone, including, Athletes, students, musicians, artists and business people, whom have reported increased levels of performance. Just as we must physically train over time to get the best results, so must we train our brains, which is why best results come with repeated sessions.


I offer counselling services to those who are seeking support with the effects of trauma, depression, anxiety, stress management, anger, relationship counselling, parenting, aggression, defiance, fear, discipline, and related issues. I enjoy working with all aspects of change and transition in one's personal development. I look forward to accompanying you towards personal growth and discovery.

Omnium 1 - PEMF

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy is Designed to target health, wellness and fitness.  PEMF is a profoundly beneficial, cutting edge technology that exercises, rehabilitates and re-energizes our cells, restoring optimal cell functions. This process balances the body systems and activates the body's natural healing ability. The result is reduced pain and inflammation, increased circulation, more energy, improved sleep quality and a host of other benefits!


An integrated Sound & Light Relaxation System, with the ability to create ANY colors for advanced color therapy applications in addition to the standard light and sound relaxation benefits. While every cell of your body enjoys the oasis of rejuvenation provided by the Omnium1 PEMF, the Omni-brain simultaneously bathes your brain with the rest and renewal it needs to return to balance and equilibrium. Mental focus, clarity and productivity improve. Irritability gives way to a sense of well-being.

Nutrition Counselling

Food is so powerful, it affects how we live every single day. Emily Manuel, B.A, RHN has a passion for helping people discover the foods and wellness habits that allow them to feel their best. She has always had a passion for food and how it works within the body. She obtained a Diploma in Natural Nutrition through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She founded Plant Forward Nutrition and is a Certified Yoga Teacher. Emily uses a holistic approach to help clients cultivate a healthy relationship with food and their body.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a safe and effective treatment for a variety of conditions and injuries. Massage treatments are also a useful tool for prevention of injuries or pain and maintenance of physical health. Emily Burns has a special interest and focus in treating conditions from the neck up, however she is also accepting clients with other concerns.


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When looking at the components of wellness, Financial health is right alongside with physical and mental health, as a key component of wellness. Studies highlight the relationship between finances, stress and mental health , which highlights the importance of an integrated approach. As a result, we want to offer as part of our holistic and individualized plan, the resource to discuss your financial stressors with a qualified financial planner.

Financial Wellness Consulting

Corporate Wellness Packages

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Every workplace can benefit from offering their employees services that support their overall physical, mental and social well-being. Not only does it help with performance, but employee retention, culture, and productivity. Starr Wellness offers packages that can include a selection of our services that fit your workplace needs.

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